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‍‍‍— Sam Walton‍‍‍

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US Trade: South Africa is the 39th largest goods trading partner of the US with $13 Billion in total (two way) goods trade. Goods exported totaled $5.5 Billion, goods imported totaled $7.3 Billio‍‍‍n.

DBIA Campaign: In 2012, the U.S. Department of Commerce launched the “Doing Business in Africa” (DBIA) campaign. This program is likely to continue and brings together resources of various USG agencies to increase trade and investment opportunities for U.S. businesses in Africa.

African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA): ‍‍‍renewed for a final 10-year period in 2016, provides duty-free access to the U.S. market for most sub-Saharan African countries, including South Africa. The United States and South Africa signed a new Trade and Investment Fra‍‍‍mework Agreement (TIFA) in 2012.  The United States and SACU concluded a Trade, Investment and Development Cooperation Agreement (TIDCA) in 2008.

South Africa remains a must-consider country in sub-Saharan Africa when new-to-market (NTM) companies consider location options; the logistics infrastructure, English language and benign legal processes make this a low entry-threshold country.

The business management environ‍‍‍ment (legal, publicity, marketing, accounting, forensics, process outsourcing, etc.) is arguably the best in Africa.

South Africa is a business incubator for NTM ideas; as the middle class in Africa grows, business models launched in and from‍‍‍ South Africa will find easier acceptance in other sub-Saharan Africa markets.

The penetration of South African companies and agencies into Africa makes finding the right partner to collaborate with in third markets a low-risk business development model.  

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍South African companies are receptive to various partnering arrangements with U.S. companies; these range from agen‍‍‍cy, to licensing, to JV’s, to mergers and acquisitions; some South African companies hope to enter the U.S. market in this fashion






5 Reasons why US companies should consider exporting to South Africa:

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