Cape Town has become a technology hub for many African and global technology companies. With the growth of the IT (Information Technology) sector it has helped Cape Town be recognized as the most entrepreneurial city in South Africa and has also attracted many global students who want to study abroad at one of its major universities.‍‍‍


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The Port of Cape Town has and continues to be a hub for ships in the southern Atlantic and serves one of the busiest shipping corridors in the world and is one of the gateways to international trade from the African Continent. The city of Cape Town is also supported by a network of rail, road, and airports. Making Cape Town one of the easiest direct cities to get to around the world.

Cape Town is a coastal city on the southwest coast of South Africa. The city of Cape Town is the capital of the Western Province and sits on a peninsula beneath the world famous Table Mountain. It is renowned as being‍‍‍ one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Many immigrants and expatriates to South Africa call Cape Town home.

The infusion of the many cultures in South Africa has created a distinctive style of cooking often referred to as “Cape Dutch.”  Cape Dutch food is heavily influenced by the many spices used in the recipes brought from the Bengal regions of Asia, Java and Malaysia cultures and mixed with European style of cooking of the Netherlands.

Conservation International lists Cape Town as a Biodiversity hotspot for flora and fauna with the Cape Floristic Region creating one of the highest levels of unique biodiversity regions to any where else in the world. With its coastal beaches, mild year round temperatures, and neighboring wine region in Stellen‍‍‍bosch makes Cape Town a global tourism hotspot.