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our story

made with      by Sou‍‍‍th Africans

‍‍‍(C) 2018‍‍‍ SaffaMade

our mission


all the best things from South Africa

If you’re like us (South African ex-pat or Married to an ex-pat‍‍‍) you have pr‍‍‍obably had one of the following experiences:

‍‍‍You're homesick for South Africa and wishing for a taste of home or are wondering if there are any o‍‍‍ther South Africans around/near you.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Your friends and family ask you to be their unofficial travel agent/tour guide when they plan their trips to South Africa.‍‍‍‍‍‍

SaffaMade helps connect the traveler to their next adventure, the South African in the US to that pack of biltong they crave, and most importantly it helps introduce and promote South African businesses and products to the global market; while at the same time introducing the world to the unique places and high quality products that make South Africa so amazing.

After a few years of answering questions, planning amazing trips for everyone w‍‍‍e know, and attempting to find South African treats in the US, we realized that there should be an easier way to find South African businesses and products. Unfortunately, we could not find one. So, we decided to create one: SaffaMade

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